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dread and me, OyleSylck (pic taken by Procedural Texture)

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Theme: Impassible golf hazards. Difficulty: 28 handicap - 4th place Latest Russian military aircraft (slide show) - 7th place Photoshop Farker's friend rubbing a rod. Difficulty: No phallic... oh, never mind -19th place Photoshop this creepy-ass
Photoshop this sammich-needing rickshaw puller - 6th place Photoshop some Fark currency - 4th place Photoshop this really focused guy - 2nd place Photoshop a unlikely Star Trek concept replacement for
Photoshop some new names for the Fleet Center. Feel free to use ones from Tuesday's caption thread. Good ones may appear on CNN Friday morning - 3rd place Photoshop this guy having a ball - 16th place Photoshop theme: Unorthodox situations for Peeps - 1st place Photoshop this surreal Japanese scene - 2nd place
Theme: Other celebrity cell-phone pictures they don't want you to see - 4th place Photoshop this woman worshipping the God of Fire - 9th place Photoshop a campaign poster for someone running for Student Council President at the toughest junior high school in the world - 6th place Photoshop the last Star Wars poster evar - 6th place
Photoshop the last Star Wars poster evar - 5th place Photoshop the World Shyness Cup judging - 5th place Design a religiously inspired bath product. Link goes to GIS for bath products - 1st place In memoriam, photoshop other uses for a DeLorean. Difficulty: No time machines - 4th place
Photoshop this baptism 3rd place Photoshop this baptism 8th place   

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