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Me On the plane. Crown Royal and high altitude make for a really quick and easy buzz.
We are soooo not tipsy. Really. Hotel room. Hotel room. Blurry due to rapid style stealth ninja photography. ...
I'm too sexy for my jacket. Went for Fatburger on our first night for a quick meal. Server type my name as, ... Testing out the flash. It works.
Notice the beer cans in the lower right. Getting our buzz on the cheap. ... Today's lucky contestant could take home this selection of cheap beer... ... or they could take what's behind curtain number one...
Okay, the two ... ...
Crawdads! Mmmm... egg rolls...
Ack... sorry for the blurry shot... I didn't think it was this bad :( Stupid zoom with delayed shutter speed. You can kiss my shiny metal ass! Getting hydrated (at least one of us) down at Fremont. ...
Some more ninja photo technology. ... ...
No, Posing for Glamour Shots. Sneak attack!
Donkey Kong impression. ... A hotel waste basket lined with a plastic bag makes for a good ice bucket to help keep the BEvERages cold. Notice
Double Deuce! He was the first to pass out. Fortunately for him he woke up before getting the Sharpie treatment. One too many liquid meals makes for a sleepy Me in front of the Mirage.
Danny Gans, ladies and gentlemen, Danny Gans. To make up for the blurry Riv shots earlier. Thank you to the sweet old lady from Oregon who took this photo. Shot from the top of Stratosphere.
Shot of down the strip from the Stratosphere. ... Old school Vegas from the top of the Stratosphere. This is what happens when you don't say cheese.
Ready to head home.

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