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World Of Warcraft: The Movie
A China Production
Posted by: Damin - February 01, 2006 - 04:47:06 PM

World Of Warcraft: The Movie

If my sources are reliable, these pictures are taken from a Korean Magazine. The pictures are for a World of Warcraft Movie currently under production in China.

Are they serious? I can't believe this is a legit and licensed WoW movie, but a movie that borrows heavily upon the themes of WoW, if it's a movie at all. If this is a legit and licensed movie, Blizzard should known better than to allow video game to movie translations in the hands of the wrong people. That's right, I'm looking at you, Uwe Boll.

Then again, they did allow Coke and WoW to make a commercial.

Go see some other pics for this so called World Of Warcraft movie.

Link via TotalFark (subscription required.)

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