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When Hot White Women Go Missing
What really drives the media.
Posted by: Damin - June 08, 2005 - 09:49:36 AM

When Hot White Women Go Missing

2. Men. Since every story involving a hot woman in some way implicates sex in every man's mind, perhaps this is the thought process of the collective male:

a. Hey, that chick's hot.
b. Hey, that chick is hot and missing
c. Maybe if I found that hot chick she would be so happy I found her, she would have sex with me.
d. If I find the chick and she doesn't have sex with me some other women will because I will be a hero.
e. If I pretend I care about the missing hot woman, I don't even have to do anything and someone might have sex with me.

Clay of DeadlyHippos.com examines the driving factor behind news media always reporting on hot white women going missing but neglecting other missing persons stories. He has "identified seven hypotheses for why America is so fascinated and which audience is driving this coverage."

When Hot White Women Go Missing

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