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Viva Las Vegas
Vegas, Baby, Vegas!
Posted by: Damin - April 14, 2005 - 01:03:23 AM

Viva Las Vegas

I am leaving for the city of "Lost Wages" later tonight for a friend's bachelor party. Fun and excess debauchery will surely be had by all. I will be gone until Sunday evening so unfortunately no postings until then. (Well, there may be one or two later on in the morning, but don't hold your breath.)

However, when I get back, I should have at least one or two interesting stories to tell you all. They may even be true!

So until my return I will leave you with a bunch of quick and dirty links for you to enjoy while I'm gone.

Olde English Comedy - Just some crazy comedy sketch videos that remind me of the Kids in the Hall. (Not Safe For Work language.)

Starship Exeter - An earnest fan made Star Trek series that takes place during the same time as the original Star Trek. Unfortunately the acting and writing is, well, unintentional comedic gold.

New Voyages - Another fan made Star Trek series except that they are playing the original crew! Blasphemous! Well not really, because there are rumours that they are getting Walter Koenig (Chekov) as a guest role for their 4th episode. Awesome. (KHHHAAAANNNNN!!!)

X-Entertainment - No, it's not porn despite the site's name. Just visit the site to get your mad 80s nostalgia fix.

Viral X - Watch viral videos and ads. Because watching commercials on TV suck.

Last, but certainly not least:
All Things Christie - If you like what I write and the weirdness that I find on the intarweb, Christie does the same thing, but she does it like 10 times better. So bow down!

One more thing, if any of you with sites of your own want to exchange links, just shoot me an email at damin(at)cynicalsmirk(dot)com (you know the drill, f*ck the spam harvesters!)

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