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Vancouver Sun Run
Canada's Largest 10K Run
Posted by: Damin - April 04, 2006 - 07:31:31 PM

So I'm running 10K in a few short weeks. Why? Because the place where I work is sponsoring a corporate team, and I foolishly decided to go with it. Partly because I need some kind of motivation to exercise and partly to be more social with the people I work with.

Now for some of you 10 kilometers is probably nothing. But remember, I am a typical geek programmer who sits on my ass all day in front of a computer at work and at home. I also shun that great, big fiery ball in the sky. Since the beginning of March, I've been slowly increasing the distance I've been running. In fact, I just got back from a 6 km run which I did in a leisurely 42 minutes. I wanted to finish 6 km in under 40 minutes but my ankle started to hurt a little so I had to walk for about half a kilometer. If I really pushed myself and my ankle didn't hurt, I think I could do that distance in 38 minutes.

Next week I'm going for 7km. Maybe even this weekend I'll try for that distance. Wish me luck.

Vancouver Sun Run

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