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Valentine For Perfect Strangers In Russian
With Even More Crack!
Posted by: Damin - February 13, 2007 - 06:44:46 PM

Valentine For Perfect Strangers In Russian

HAHAHAHA! Remember Valentine For Perfect Strangers posted back in November? Well, here is a followup sent to me in an email, in the director's own words:

Thanks for putting my e-card, "Valentine for Perfect Strangers," on your blog (in November). I'm on so much crack that I translated the video into Russian, and I wanted you to be among the first to see it. It turns out there is a Russian TV show based on Perfect Strangers, and Russians have Valentine's Day too. If you look closely, you'll see that a screenshot of your blog is included in this version. Here's the link to the RuTube video:


Happy Valentine's Day,

p.s. To help you understand better -- this is the un-retouched intro to the Russian version of Perfect Strangers:


Imagine the totally awesome surprise when I saw a screen shot of my site posted in the video. Thanks for the laughs, Otto.

Valentine For Perfect Strangers In Russian

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