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Posted by: Damin - June 28, 2006 - 11:45:32 PM

It's time for a geek personal post so if you aren't interested in web scripting stuff, you can stop reading. For all two of you still reading this post, I finally got around to retooling my gallery script.

I've changed it so I am using div layers for the thumbnails so you can now scroll through them and not stray too far from the main image, and I am using AJAX to dynamically change the main image and captions without having to reload the entire page.

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to change the way the thumbnails are displayed. I might put all the thumbs on a single line rather than broken up into a 4 column format as it currently is. Either way, this gives me greater flexibility and a better managed layout to add comments for photos, something that I've always intended to do.

The only issue is the way Internet Explorer handled my div layers. (Firefox rendered the page how I expected it to look.) The thumbnail div layer wasn't always falling in neatly right under the main image. Sometimes it would have this huge gap between the two. It has something to do with the ability for the div layer to add a scrollbar. Fortunately, I found this neat little solution that suggested nesting div layers to make absolute positions relative.

So if you want to, check out my improved gallery. If it looks all busted or weird, contact me and let me know.

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