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From Russia, With Love
Posted by: Damin - October 28, 2006 - 04:36:39 PM


Wow, it's been a while since I've posted anything. But I have a good reason for that. I've been incredibly sick this past week and only now am I not feeling like complete crap. I've also been under a lot of stress at work. I've recently gotten a sudden promotion to be programming manager at work and with it comes my second raise in as many months. However, I've had to absorb a lot of the work from my predecessor at a time when we are gearing up for a big Christmas season rush. So it's a little more pressure on me.


Check out this interesting documentary from the BBC about one of the original crack addiction games, Tetris. Learn how it spread from Russia, and the machinations of the boardroom negotiations and distribution rights and how a single contract clause about the definintion of a computer influenced the video game industry.

Tetris: From Russia, With Love

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