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Half Time Post
Posted by: Damin - February 05, 2006 - 05:17:41 PM

First off, my impression of the game so far. If you don't care, stop reading right now and click the pic to go watch the ads that have been shown so far. It started out as a battle of the Steelers not doing anything versus Seattle shooting themselves in the foot with penalties. Then came the drive by Pittsburgh preceeded by a 4th and inches that Seattle punted on. I don't know, Seattle was making forward progress on all their drives (when there weren't penalties) so I don't know why they didn't go for it. Then again, I'm not an NFL coach and I'm not playing for a championship.

On the drive Pittsburgh scored a touchdown on a 1 yard quarterback sneak, which didn't look like a touchdown to me on the replays. But the linesman called it a touchdown (before the replay) so with ambiguity in the replay the ref has to go with the call on the field.

Then in the last two minutes before the end of the half, Seattle was doing a whole bunch of things wrong without looking like they cared. It was weird. Score at the half Pittsburgh 7, Seattle 3.

Now the Rolling Stones are on for the half time show.

For those not watching the game, check out the Super Bowl XL Ads.

And now back to the beer and snacks for me. There might be an update from me at the end of the game.

Update: It's over. Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10.

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