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Soundtrack of My Life
A Greek Chorus
Posted by: Damin - May 03, 2005 - 11:56:55 PM

An group of my friends and I were sitting around a little while ago and the topic of the soundtrack to your life came up. The soundtrack can be the music that resonates with you during stages of your life, or what you imagine playing in the background during certain events.

I gave this some not so serious thought and instantly blurted out that it would be really cool to have a Greek chorus follow you around.

"A Greek chorus?"

Yeah you know, a Greek chorus:

Specifically one just like in Little Shop of Horrors.

Of course, this elicited the desired response, instantaneous laughter. However, the more I thought about it, the more it started to sound like a really good idea.

It was probably the beer clouding my judgement, but beer or not, how interesting would it be to have a 1960s Motown girl group following you around singing background vocals?

It wouldn't be your typical Greek chorus, either. Instead of always being in the background, everyone (yourself included) would be aware of them, much to people's delight/annoyance.

It would also be pretty frickin' sweet to hear your mundane internal monologue spiced up a little with song.

I was woken up in the morning still incredibly tired,
Because the alarm clock was ringing like crazy.
Ring da-doo!
I decided to go to the bathroom first,
Number Two!
Because you know, the first bowel movement of the day is so important.
Da da da da da da-doo!

Some other benefits would be that people would know exactly what kind of mood you are in just by the tempo and key that your songbirds are harmonizing together. Feeling happy? Listen to them crank out some upbeat, swinging ditties. Feeling sad? A melodramatic ballad is barely whispered. Feeling angry? Listen to them snarl out the lyrics in a low and slow manner. Hopefully your personal chorus would be talented enough to express a wide range of emotions.

The best benefit of all? You'd never have to work, ever. You and your personal Greek chorus would win every cash prize karaoke contest you entered. How could you possibly lose? You wouldn't even have to sing. You could just do spoken word a la William Shatner and your backup vocalists would make you look and sound good.

You could also do some busking in a pinch if you were short on bus fare or something. Heck, you'd probably make enough to afford a cab.

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