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Some Companies Are Bastards
I Give Them A Big F.U.
Posted by: Damin - September 14, 2007 - 07:34:37 PM

Sorry for the lack of posting, people. I've been too busy, bored and Bioshock'ed to do much posting recently. I'll get to some goodness in a minute.

But first, I want to get something off my chest. There will be a whole lot of F-bombs being dropped so stop reading if you're going to get offended.

Venting *on*

I ordered a laptop on the 7th.

On the 10th I get an email saying there is an error with my credit card processing because they need the correct phone number attached to my billing info. Fine. I put my cell phone number in and not the one attached to my billing by mistake. It's only one business day from when I placed my order. No problem, right? HUGE problem.

I call them back and re-verify my billing info. Apparently the COMPUTER company lives in the dark ages when it comes to processing ONLINE orders and can't put a re-verification ONLINE right way, so they tell me it will be done within 24 hours. What the FUCK? You sell computers but you process online orders manually? Shouldn't y'know, maybe have a COMPUTER HANDLE THIS? YOU ONLY SELL THE DAMN THINGS!

On the 12th they finally re-verify my credit card, way past the 24 hours they said it should've taken. Seriously, how many fucking orders do they take online that it takes more than 24 hours to re-verify billing info? I work in e-commerce, we can verify credit card info in 5 minutes. Assuming all things being equal that would mean someone should be able to verify close to 100 credit cards in a day if that was their only job. If you have that many fucking orders that you can't verify them manually within a day, automate your fucking processes. Anyways after that I figure I've gotten past this bullshit and I should get my order on the 13th. FAIL!

The company has some stupid mechanism where I have to click a link in my email and then an automated system will phone me with a pin number that I then have to enter on the site to verify my order. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? You verify info manually but you have this automated bullshit that I have to go through? If I click it before 1 pm my order will get set for delivery that day. FAIL! The number they are calling is my LAND LINE so I can't click it until 5:30pm that night because I'm still at work.

So FUCK YOU NCIX and your FUCKING archaic online ordering process. THIS IS THE GAWD DAMN 21st CENTURY. If you are going to take online credit card orders, FUCKING AUTOMATE THE SYSTEM instead of having your FUCKNUTS sit around with their thumbs up their asses. You guys sell computers, do your automated transactions using computers. FUCK!

After all this BS, the order is processed on the 13th to be delivered today at noon. But wait, the package never came!

The GAWD DAMN delivery company loaded my shit on the wrong FUCKING truck! They can't deliver it Saturday, despite them offering a Saturday service. Their reason for this FAILURE is because the truck my package is on right now will be returning it to the depot that doesn't do Saturday services. At least that is the bullshit story they told me. In fact, I don't think they knew which truck my laptop was on until it got scanned in at one of their depots just an hour ago. They say they ship until 8pm but do you think they will do that? Of course not!


So much for ordering online from a local company. Seriously, 5 fucking business days to process a credit card. I've literally heard of snail mail cheques being sent and cleared faster than this.

Now I won't get my friggin' order until Monday. That is if Purolator, or should I say "Maybe-Later," manages to figure out where they should be delivering my shit.

Venting *off*

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