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Snakes On A Plane
Shoot Additional Scenes
Posted by: Damin - March 24, 2006 - 12:37:57 AM

Snakes On A Plane

"I want these mother------- snakes off the mother------- plane!"

Already achieving a cult like following before "Snakes On A Plane" (SoaP) has been shown, studio execs have succumbed to fan hype and changed some dialogue to make it more "Samuel L. Jackson".

Snakes On A Plane Shoot Additional Scenes

Even if this movie sucks, it will still make a load of money opening weekend just from the buzz and buildup. We've had a Fark Photoshop contest for designing a poster for the movie. There is a fan trailer for the SoaP (link via The Mad Edge.) And there is a music contest to have a song featured in the movie. There is also some exclusive SoaP footage at the bottom of the contest site.

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