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Posted by: Damin - December 05, 2007 - 01:51:28 AM

Schwack o' Links

Yes. I work on the "Intarwebs" and I will be going out of town on business for the next few days. I probably won't be posting a whole lot, if at all, until Friday evening at the earliest. To keep you tied over, here are a whole schwack o' links.

Schwack o' Links

This game is has a bit of a learning curve. Basically when the number on a disc matches the size of the row or column that disc is in, it will disappear. Once you get the hang of it, the game is quite addicting.

Chain Factor

Schwack o' Links

Control someone's Christmas tree lights and see the results in real time through their streaming web cam.

Control the Schwippy Christmas Tree

Schwack o' Links

It's gift buying season and you are shopping at Amazon. You are a scant few dollars away from free shipping and you are a cheap tightwad. What do you do? Well try searching Amazon Filler Item. Enter the amount you are short from free shipping and choose from a variety of items that are close to that price range.

Amazon Filler Item

Schwack o' Links

Here is something I made a while back. The Charles Nelson Reilly Match Game Generator (BETA).

If the text doesn't flow nicely, add leading or trailing spaces to position the lettering better. Also, if you do decide to abuse this for all those fill in the blank forum posting games, or worse, MySpace, please do not hotlink the image. Right click the image, "save as" and host it yourself. There are a crap load of free image hosting sites out there. I may have decent bandwidth but it ain't that decent. I only offer the image link as a courtesy.

Eventually I intend to get the Match Game DVD set so I can make really good base images.

Charles Nelson Reilly Match Game Generator

Last, but not least, here are a random sampling of webcomics (out of the 50 to 60 webcomics that I read religiously):

Sluggy Freelance - Awesome story lines that cross the gamut of genres that range from the dramatic to the downright silly.
Least I Could Do - All about an immature man-child that loves to score.
Dr. McNinja - He's a doctor, he's a ninja, hijinks ensue.
Amazing Super Zeroes - A super hero team chosen from a reality TV casting call.
Joe and Monkey - Not only is there a talking monkey, but there is also a kleptomaniac robot. You can't go wrong with that.

Annnnnddddddd.... I'm spent.

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