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Rock Band Drum Pedal Mod
From Ghetto To Pro
Posted by: Damin - March 19, 2008 - 08:54:02 PM

Rock Band is the reason I haven't been posting very often lately. This game is so much fun. My favourite part of the game is playing the drum set.

However the thing about the drum set with Rock Band, it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when the drum pedal will crack. I rocked so hard on the drums that I recently cracked my drum pedal after about a month of playing. I figure it would eventually happen, I just had no idea it would happen so soon.

I don't stomp down hard on the pedal at all. It's just the way the pedal is designed, it has to eventually break. Just take a look at this video of the Rock Band drums in action and you too will find it hard to imagine the pedal holding up after that kind of repeated playing.

Fortunately the RMA system for replacement parts is pretty good so I put in a request for a new pedal. Unfortunately I was told it would take about 2 weeks to get the replacement part.

Rock Band Drum Pedal Mod

As you can see in the picture above, the crack hadn't gone all the way through, but I knew it would be completely cracked if I tried to use it. So what was I going to do in the meantime without a fully functioning drum pedal? I still wanted to play, so what did I do was "MacGyver" myself a ghetto splint to hold the cracked pedal together. I've heard of other people using old CDs, plastic cutting boards, pen tubes and butter knives to hold their broken pedals together. I used duct tape and disposable chopsticks from a Japanese take out place to hold mine together.

Rock Band Drum Pedal Mod

Rock Band Drum Pedal Mod

As you can see, this looks pretty crappy, but it did work. The chopsticks on the top didn't make a flush flat surface so I wound up folding a cloth and using that as padding for when I stepped down on it.

Knowing that I didn't want to have my replacement crack on me, I did some research for a solution and came across Pedal Metal.

Rock Band Drum Pedal Mod

I ordered it the same day as my RMA and got a real speedy delivery. I had a choice between aluminum diamond plate and the plate I purchased above. I spent a little bit more for the flatter plate because I usually play in my socks and figured it would feel more comfortable.

I had just received my replacement pedal yesterday but I figured I would have to return the broken pedal as per the RMA instructions. Fortunately I was notified that I didn't have to return the broken pedal. Sweet!

I decided to leave my new pedal as a backup and use my Pedal Metal billet on my old, broken one. If things were to go bad, I would only be screwing up a broken pedal, so no harm, no foul. The instructions that came with the plate recommend taking the pedal off the hinge to attach the plate, but I just left it on and screwed the aluminum plate right on. The kit came with seven self tapping screws that easily bit into the plastic and held firm. Within 10 minutes I was done. Here is the final result.

Rock Band Drum Pedal Mod

Looks pretty good, don't you think? I just finished playing some songs on it out and it works just as good as new. I also don't have to worry about babying the pedal and can just rock out knowing this plate is reinforcing everything.

If you have the drum set for Rock Band, I highly recommend you order a Pedal Metal part. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, it's not a matter of if, but when your pedal cracks. Be proactive, instead of waiting for your drum pedal to break on you.

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