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My Eyes, They Bleed... Less!
Posted by: Damin - April 04, 2009 - 05:48:12 PM

Some of you might notice that my site looks a little different. I had the old layout for, hmmm, close to 4 years (has it been that long?) I figure it was time to change it. The index page is the first step. The inside pages will change soon enough. If you are part of the approximately 3% of my visitors who still use a crappy monitor at 800x600 resolution, you will have to scroll left and right now. Seriously, it's time to get a new computer with a better monitor and video card. Or you can visit the old index page for an easier viewing experience.

I've switching away from old school HTML tables and towards DIV containers. (It should of been designed with DIV containers to begin with... anyways.) So if the page layout looks weird or something, leave a comment with your issue.

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