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Online Casino Tattoos Woman's Face
Golden Palace Strikes Again
Posted by: Damin - July 01, 2005 - 08:48:28 PM

Online Casino Tattoos Woman's Face

A Utah woman has become the latest asset in online gambling outfit GoldenPalace.com's eBay preposterous purchase portfolio after accepting $15,000 dollars to have the casino's name permanently tattooed on her forehead.

She might as well of had "dumbass" tattooed on her forehead instead. Karolyne Smith did it for only $10,000 bucks, but Golden Palace threw in another $5,000 on top of it. She'll need the extra money to invest in a lifetime supply of industrial strength concealer or to buy headbands.

Read the entire article about the tattooed forehead.

Article via The Register.

UPDATE: See video clips of the tattooing: [LINK].

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