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One Year Old
Without The Fanfare
Posted by: Damin - March 27, 2006 - 06:38:33 AM

Sorry for the lack of posting this weekend. I've just been busy with Oblivion. More on that in a bit. My website is now one year old as of... yesterday. Hmm. You'd figure I'd do some uber post about this. But seeing as I rarely celebrate any special day, be it birthdays, anniversaries or whatever, it doesn't surprise me that I'd pay very little attention to my website turning one. Actually I am quite surprised that I am even acknowledging it this much.

One Year OldAnyways... Oblivion. Yeah. HOLY SHIT is this game gorgeous. Mind you the game is making my computer hardware its bitch right now. This is the first PC game I've ever owned where my current hardware specs don't meet or exceed the recommended game specs. So I am forced to run this game at low to medium quality if I want to play. I turned the game on the best settings for a brief bit just to see what it's capable of. I thought the game looked pretty good at my ghetto quality but on the best quality possible my jaw struck my desk and I had to wipe some drool off the keyboard. Full blown nerdgasm. Just check out some screenshots to see what I am talking about. After seeing what I am missing out on, I am forced to upgrade my computer. Strike that, I am forced to buy a new computer. I need a new processor and video card so I might as well just buy a new system. Fortunately the income tax gods have been favourable with me and are giving me a nice little refund which should cover the cost of this new hardware.

Now I just have to tear myself away from Oblivion long enough to spec out a new computer.

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