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Not Your Typical DUI Test
S'cuse me ossifer?
Posted by: Damin - April 10, 2005 - 09:34:51 AM

Not Your Typical DUI Test

Video courtesy of StupidVideos.com.

Ha ha! Don't know who made this video is from, but it is pretty funny. It's an obvious gag setup. Maybe it's audition footage for that extremely short lived Steven Bochco series, "Cop Rock".

Cop Rock tag-teamed with another television musical dramedy, "Hull High", now that brings back (really bad) memories. Both shows contributed to the wasteland of 1990s TV and Trivial Pursuit factoids.

Cop Rock, where after the crooks are caught, the arresting officers would sing a song about going to jail. Cop rock, where junkies rapped while getting arrested. Cop Rock, where a jury break out into a song and dance number druing trial. Enough said.

As for Hull High, it was sort of like "Fame", except in Fame breaking out into song was the norm. In Hull High, people broke out into song over a wrestling match. A choreographed wrestling match that looked a lot like modern dance. Hmmm, I can't imagine why the show was cancelled.

I know, I have this bizarre ability to forget where I put my house keys, but I can remember two shows from 1990 whose combined episode count wouldn't fill an entire TV season.

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