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May the Force Be With You, and You, and You...
Why fans make better Star Wars movies than George Lucas.
Posted by: Damin - May 04, 2005 - 10:29:25 AM

May the Force Be With You, and You, and You...

Good news, Star Wars buffs. There's a new movie out this spring—and it isn't by George Lucas. The 40-minute, fan-made Star Wars Revelations cost a mere $20,000. It's also just as good as—and often quite better than—the cringe-inducing Star Wars movies of recent years. Indeed, it's so artistically successful that it suggests a radical idea: Maybe Lucas should step aside and let the fans take over.

I've watched Revelations and it is surprisingly good. It is definitely one of the more polished fan made movies of any established franchise. I recommend watching it. (However, their site is running slow at the time of this post.)

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Link found via Slate.

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