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MarioKart DS Decal Maker
Posted by: Damin - January 12, 2006 - 06:14:18 PM

MarioKart DS Decal Maker

So my friends convinced me to buy a Nintendo DS a few weeks ago. It's electronic crack. I wasn't much for small portable gaming devices, but damn, is this thing addicting.

Anyways, I bought the MarioKart bundle and in the game you can make your own decal that will pimp out your cart. I found this site that will create a decal template for you just by uploading an image. After abut 10 minutes of work matching the pixels I've created my current decal of Wolverine (pictured.)

So if you want to create a really kickass decal to impress your friends, go visit the Mario Kart DS Decal Maker.

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