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And More Keyboards
Posted by: Damin - June 07, 2005 - 07:23:50 PM

Why a post about keyboards? Well why the hell not?


MultiTouch Technology offers simple and easy-to-remember gesture shortcuts that make computer use faster, more effective, and more productive. Our hand gestures put common tools right at your fingertips, not half a screen away!

So basically this keyboard doubles as a keyboard and a touchpad. How fucking cool is that? It's more efficient because your hand would never leave the typing surface when you need to do mouse gestures.

Finger Works


Responding to the rising demand of FPS games, Singapore based Innovation firm, 'PD Scientific Pte Ltd', developed a specific one of a kind Gaming Keyboard : the WOLF CLAW. Its ergonomic design provide gamers the ultimate experience of playing FPS games.

A special keypad for the most common FPS configurations. Unfortunately I don't think this bad boy is sold in North America so the shipping costs are probably just as much as the keyboard itself.

Wolf Claw


Finally let's kick it old school. Really old school. Some guy modded out an old typewriter to work like a keyboard because his wife felt more ergonimcally comfortable with the old typewriters. The carriage return even works like the Enter key. Check out his gallery of mad wiring it took to make it work.

Typewriter Keyboard Mod

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