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How To Survive A Mugging
Use Aerobics
Posted by: Damin - July 18, 2006 - 08:19:50 AM

How To Survive A Mugging

This is the best video ever. For at least today. It has unintentional comedy gold written all over it. The premise is to teach Japanese women some English phrases if they are ever mugged when travelling abroad, which is sort of useful, I guess. However, they teach these phrases by repetition while doing aerobics. Huh? And the actor that they have portraying the mugger has his handkerchief mask tied on backwards underneath his nose. A disguise doesn't work if you can see the person's face! Maybe his head was so huge that it was the only way they could keep his mask on.

How To Survive A Mugging

Link via Fazed.

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