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Posted by: Damin - March 18, 2009 - 08:09:14 PM

Here are a few sites I've come across that you might find helpful.


Helpful Sites

I'm sure we've all had a movie that we've watched and wanted to watch other flicks that are similar. Enter Clerkdogs. Clerkdogs is a people powered recommendation engine for films. It's like getting an opinion from your local video store clerk or film geek friend.


Helpful Sites

Ever wanted to tell that co-worker in the cubicle across from you that he should wear some deodorant but you didn't know how to tell him tactfully? Or perhaps you want to tell someone you attend meetings with that they tend to dominate the discussion and should let others have time for their say. Then try out NiceCritic.com. It is an anonymous way of sending out a message to someone you aren't comfortable in confronting directly. And if you do send this out from work, make sure the receiver isn't the type to get the IT department to track down each employee's internet usage to find out who visited the site.


Helpful Sites

Songza is a site that searches the internet for music for you to stream. Just type it the song or artist you would like to listen to and it will create a list of songs for you. Some of the results are Youtube videos and others are streaming audio with decent quality. The one thing I really like about this site is the interface that allows you to continue searching without interrupting any streaming you may be enjoying.

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