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Funny Pages 2.0
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Posted by: Damin - April 02, 2008 - 12:34:36 PM

Funny Pages 2.0

For the oh... I dunno, twelve of you that read my site regularly, yes I have been very negligent in keeping up with posting stuff. Yes I suck. But work and Rock Band (if you have the game, get the Jonathon Coulton/GladOS Portal song "Still Alive" track, it's FREE!) have kept me from wanting to get online and scour for stuff.

So if you need your fix of the latest Internet memes, crazy videos and top ten lists visit Funny Pages 2.0. It's run by the funny, witty and uber-cool Christie of Exhausticated.

Also leave some comments for her posts. If she gets enough, she might do something crazy like post a video of her doing a sexy striptease!1 OMG!

Funny Pages 2.0

1Disclaimer: By sexy striptease video, I mean posting more funny stuff for you to enjoy and maybe even responding to your comments. Don't blame me if you don't read these footnotes and seriously expect sexy dance time videos.

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