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Monday Time Wasters
Posted by: Damin - May 22, 2006 - 08:57:12 AM

For all of you who don't have the benefit of a long weekend like those of us in Canada, here are a couple of flash games to waste away your productivity.

Flash Games

First up, Fierce Fighter. Here is a fun little side scrolling fighting game. Build up your skill meter and unleash a fury of kung fu on your enemies.

Here are my tips for the game. Against the generic sword guys, just stand right up to them while holding the block key, W". Then after they finish a combo attack (three different slashes in a row,) quickly tap the down arrow, left or right arrow (depending on the direction you are facing), and then the "S" key. Try to build up your skill meter and save it for the end boss at each level. If your blue bar is full and you unleash the kill maneuver (down, toward, up and "D") and it connects, it takes about 40 percent of the boss' health. However if you are low on health just cheap the bosses by crouching and blocking and then leg sweeping them when they get in range.

Fierce Fighter

Flash Games

Next is this addictive little puzzle game, Splash. You have various blobs on the screen and the goal is to eliminate all the blobs. Each blob has a different size and they grow when a drop is added to them. Once a drop is added to a full blob it explodes and unleashes a drop in each direction. So try to create a chain reaction of blobs exploding so you earn bonus drops, because you only start off with 10 drops. The game ends when you have no more drops and the board still has some blobs on it.


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