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East Hastings Bums Are Gross
Extra Hilarious Because Its True
Posted by: Damin - August 29, 2005 - 05:47:50 PM

East Hastings Bums Are Gross

Its funny because its true. East Hastings bums ARE gross. This video is hilarious because it was shot around my neck of the woods and I see that sort of shit everyday.

I see bums, crack addicts, heroin users and meth heads near where I work in a part of the city we affectionately call Crack Alley. (Its not near Granville and Hastings mentioned in the video, but further east from there. Granville and Hastings is quite nice actually.)

But does all this make me jaded? It used to but not anymore. I guess I'm sort of desensitized to the whole thing which is probably why I can laugh at this video and probably find some kind of twisted enjoyment out of it.

East Hastings Bums Are Gross

Link thanks to Christie.

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