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Duke Nukem Forever Teaser
A Little Less Vaporware?
Posted by: Damin - December 18, 2007 - 07:44:01 PM

Duke Nukem Forever Teaser

Over at the 3D Realms forums, there is news that a special teaser trailer of Duke Nukem Forever will be released tomorrow at noon CST. For those not in the know, DNF is a running joke amongst video game fans and industry people as it currently has been in development for the past 10+ years and is the gold standard for vaporware.

There is no indication if there will be any actual gameplay footage or if it will be pure pre-rendered video, but the pic posted is a frame taken from the video. I think Duke sort of looks like the love child of Bruce Willis and Max Headroom. (Hi-res picture here.)

Is this the real deal, or is this just some BS marketing scheme to help keep DNF in the gaming community conscience? I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

If DNF does get released, it will have to be the greatest FPS ever created. Working on a game with a protracted development cycle and coming out with something mediocre (I'm looking at you, Doom 3) can only be interpreted as an utter failure.

Duke Nukem Forever Teaser

See the old Duke Nukem Forever 2001 trailer.

Link via Kotaku.

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