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Deadline is Killing ME
Gives new meaning to the word "dead"line
Posted by: Damin - March 30, 2005 - 10:37:08 PM

$breaking_point = 0;
for ($sanity = 10; $sanity >= $breaking_point; $sanity--) {
   if ($sanity == $breaking_point){
      echo "AARRGGHHH! DIE CODE!";
   } else {

So we are closing in on a project deadline at work. So of course now is the perfect time for bugs to crop up on code that used to work. I dislike testing code.

Post deadline is even worse. Even after the project components have passed through six different testers and gets the seal of approval, silly little things get missed. These silly little things sometimes result in big things that have to be changed. These big things are, to say the least, really f*&#ing annoying. Stupid Murphy's Law...

Sucks to be me right now.

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