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Posted by: Damin - May 05, 2008 - 09:55:19 PM

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I was on TV today! Someone from CBC Television came to Live Current to interview Chief Corporate Development Officer, Mark Melville, about Cricket.com and its involvement with the Indian Premier League. Even though the spot featured some techie looking guys doing stuff around computers, it is actually the Perfume.com development team shown on camera. (Ah, the magic of TV editing.) We just happened to be most readily available so it makes for some good content given the structure of the story. Nonetheless, we are all part of the same company, so it's all good. If you are wondering which one I am, I am the one with the bald pate.

DISCLAIMER: Just to uphold the honour and dignity of my place of employment, many things I write on my PERSONAL site in no way reflect my real life PROFESSIONAL attitude at Live Current. A lot of things I write here are completely tongue in cheek and meant as silly amusements for my friends who understand my sense of humour, and should in no way be taken seriously. Except for my love of video games, sci-fi tv and comic book superhero movies. Seriously, check out Iron Man. It totally rocked my face off.

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