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Bubble Bobble
Speed Run
Posted by: Damin - August 28, 2006 - 07:50:52 AM

Bubble Bobble

If you are around my age you probably remember that classic arcade coin eater, Bubble Bobble. I don't remember ever seeing the ending of the game until now. It is interesting to think that it could be possible if you had two perfect Bub and Bob players with lightning fast reflexes. But as it is, this perfect speed run in the video has it's share of trickery, such as using an emulator to play the game, a single player using different control setups, sometimes mirrored, to control both characters at the same time, and playing at a slower speed and then shown replayed back at a faster speed to look normal.

Still, I applaud the effort it took for the person who made the video to put that kind of time into it.

Bubble Bobble

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