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Posted by: Damin - May 13, 2005 - 09:23:09 AM


blinkx.tv allows you to search the web for video and audio clips. Unlike other search providers, blinkx.tv not only lets you search using standard keyword and Boolean queries but you can also use conceptual search. This type of search is provided by blinkx only, and allows you to enter normal text for which blinkx.tv will return results whose content is conceptually similar to your search text.

Very cool. I know Google has something very similar in the works at video.google.com, but right now I have yet to see a search result from Google's version that has the video available.

Also, with blinkx, I hear you can search for pr0n. Not that I have used it for such nefarious activity. No, I will not tell you why my pants are around my ankles.

blinkx.tv Video Search

Link found via Christie.

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