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Battlestar Galactica Last Supper
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Posted by: Damin - February 05, 2008 - 08:11:37 AM

Battlestar Galactica Last Supper

Entertainment Weekly has published this nice layout in anticipation of Battlestar Galactica's fourth season coming in April. The interactive Flash widget may have some minor spoilers (y'know, like possibly narrowing down who may be the final Cylon,) so you might not want to click the link if you are a fan of the show. I personally don't mind spoilers as knowing certain outcomes might make me look harder for clues leading up to the reveal.

If you want a higher res picture of the photo above, here it is courtesy of someone's Flickr account.

Battlestar Galactica Last Supper

If you want to know some of my thoughts on who the possible unrevealed "final five" Cylon could be, continue reading.


Now in the Entertainment Weekly link, one of the interactive blurbs quoted the show's executive producer, Ronald Moore.

Someone is indeed absent from the table, admits Moore: "We have not yet revealed the final [unknown] Cylon." Does that mean the people already at the table aren't the final Cylon? Moore laughs. "You ferreted that out pretty slyly. I didn't really want to give that away."

Now this information could be a spoiler or a red herring. Assuming Ronald Moore wasn't trying to lead us on a wild goose chase, then that does narrow it down to a few characters who could be a Cylon.

So who isn't at the table? Major minor characters left are Felix Gaeta, Tom Zarek, Anastasia Dualla and Cally Henderson Tyrol. I'm more leaning towards it being female for balance reasons as there are already 7 male Cylons and only 4 female ones. That and this unfiltered picture of the final five shows two female stand-ins, probably to match the height and stature of whom the writers intended to be revealed as the (then) unknown Cylons. That is just wild speculation on my part. The character Tory Foster had relatively short screen time and she was revealed to be a Cylon, so the last Cylon one could be an even lesser minor character. Maybe it's a Viper pilot like Hot Dog or Racetrack, or perhaps Dr. Cottle?

My gut instinct is telling me that it is either Dualla or Cally, but the writers could throw everyone for a loop and resurrect Ellen Tigh to be a Cylon.

Your thoughts?

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