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Bash The Computer
Vent Your Frustrations
Posted by: Damin - October 13, 2005 - 08:30:04 AM

Bash The Computer

You know, this game would've been so useful to me when I was a kid. I remember having this chunky 4 colour CGA monitor and I would be playing a game on it, but I kept losing. I'm telling you, the damn software cheated! To vent my frustrations at my sudden change in fortune I would punch my monitor. I did that fairly often until the monitor had taken enough punishment. After taking the last punch I ever delivered it, the monitor flickered, there was a spark and a tongue of smoke curled out of the top. It still worked but now I had the fear of it exploding in my face. I sold the monitor to a friend of mine for $50 who somehow fixed it with a little soldering. On the plus side, getting rid of the thing forced my parents to buy a new monitor for me. (I never told them about the probable cause of the CGA monitor malfunction.) If I remember correctly, the new one topped out at a whopping 256 colours.

Anyways, play Bash The Computer.

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