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Baba Yetu
Civilization IV Music
Posted by: Damin - December 26, 2005 - 01:29:20 PM

Hello all. Hope you enjoyed your holidays this past weekend. Sorry for the looong stretch in posting anything. I am currently occupying my time with Civilization IV. I've had it for a couple of weeks now just sitting on my shelf waiting to be played. I figure I'd take the opportunity to play it this long weekend now that I have some time.

So far the game is pretty good, but I haven't really gotten into the deeper mechanics the game offers yet, so I'll reserve judgement on the gameplay for now. However one thing about the game that has really blown my mind is how friggin' awesome the music is!

Normally whenever I get a new game to occupy my time I'll go through the intro at least once and then jump straight into playing. With Civilization IV, I sat through the opening select options screen and listened to the accompanying piece of music about five times in a row. The song that plays is called "Baba Yetu." The lyrics are actually the Lord's Prayer in Swahili and is performed by Talisman A Capella.

The composer of the song, Cristopher Tin, has the song posted on his site.

I suggest you have a listen to Baba Yetu. Perhaps even download it and add it to your playlist.

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