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Posted by: Damin - May 09, 2005 - 12:58:00 PM

Auto Stitch Images

AutoStitch is the world's first fully automatic 2D image stitcher. Capable of stitching full view panoramas without any user input whatsoever, AutoStitch is a breakthrough technology for panoramic photography, VR and visualisation applications.

Check out what some Computer Science geeks created at my Alma Mater. It's a program that will automatically "stitch" various smaller images of a scene automatically to create a panoramic pic.

My coworkers and I are wondering what would happen if you took portions of very similar shots (but not the same master picture) and tried to combine them in the same way. We though of pr0n and wondered what an amalgamated vagina would look like. (I am coining the phrase "amalgamated vagina.")

Check out Autostitch. There is also a free demo download.

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